Hey everyone, I have recently been thinking about trying to do some sort of collab with another blogger/s! I was just wondering if any of you would be interested in working with me on something if so please let me know!! Thank youūüėä



It completely saddens me to wake up to the horrible news of Barcelona and Cambrils. I wish we lived in a world full of laughter and love but unfortunately that’s not the case‚ėĻÔłŹ. 

DARKNESS cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

HATE cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. 

I Broke My Ankle!!

hey guys, first i’m sorry for not posting but all shall be revealed in this post don’t worry!
So recently I went on holiday with my family and got to meet family that we don’t often see! I feel like little caravan holidays can be the ones with the best memories! So anyway more to the point, on the 3rd day we decided to go to the beach and I slipped while walking and broke my ankle…not such a great day for me but i didn’t let it ruin the holiday!
Another really exciting thing I have been waiting to share with you guys is that my family and I have recently just finished moving house (thank god it’s finally finished!!!), so that was a super time consuming event and it also left us all with no Wifiūüė®ūüė®. Although the house we have moved to is a lovely house and is completely worth all the hours we have all spent on it and I am so grateful to my mum for working hard to provide for us during the move!
To completely end the high note….. school starts in LESS THAN A WEEK! I would normally jump up and down on the spot but I am starting to prepare for exams so understand why I am less excited. 
I was thinking of doing a back to school type post if anyone would like to see something like that please let me know and if you have any ideas i’d love to hear them. 

Are you guys excited for school starting up again?

Movie Reviews!

Lately I have been loving sitting down to watch a good film, I have found some really amazing ones lately and really want to share some of them with you. I will try my hardest to not add any spoilers into this but I apologise in advance incase I do. I have watched most of these films on Netflix so they are easy to find if you have Netflix. Lets get started!


The choice



The choice is a drama/romance film about two individuals being brought together by fate as Gabi becomes Travis’s neighbour. After struggles the unlikely couple have to make a choice about how far they will go to keep the hope of love alive.

All I can say is WOW! I felt so many emotions during this film it honestly takes you by surprise so much. This is one of my new favourite films, it has so many issues that become so relatable throughout. I also love Travis’s accent in this film, at the start of the film I¬†wasn’t sure on the accent but by the end I’d fallen in love with it!!¬†Without any spoilers, you will need tissues when watching this film (happy tears and sad tears).




Credits: IMDb

High school senior Vee Delmonico is tired of living the boring life, under peer pressure she joins the game Nerve as a player. The game is to carry out a number of dares and to gain more watchers. As Vee gets involved in the game she gets carried away and is left with varies dangerous dares. Vee has to make a decision on whether to let Nerve shape her future or give up before its too late.

I personally loved this film so much. I loved the adrenaline scenes as they were so believable and they made you feel the real stomach twisting you get with the mix of fear and excitement. I also love the romance aspects of the film, they really made you think about things but also made you think of the fairy tale ending everyone dreams of.



You get me

you get me

Credits: IMDb

High school student Tyler is madly in love with girlfriend Ali, but when everything he’s the rocks a heated argument starts at a summer party. As Tyler leaves with stranger Holly he had no idea on the mess he was away to enter. Who’d known a one night stand could have turned into a walking talking Nightmare!

This film had me on the edge of my seat and covering my eyes throughout. Bella Thorne is the perfect actor for playing evil roles, she gets so into the character and makes you believe every word she says. Although I love Bella’s acting I always grow to hate her in films like this but it just goes to show how good of an actor she is! The houses/sets of this film are absolutely stunning they definitely were effective toward the feel and vibe of the film.


Please watch these films and give me your honest opinions and thoughts, if you have any films you’d feel id enjoy please by all means comment and I will give them a watch!!

4th Of July Party Ideas!

Happy Forth of July to all my American followers, I hope you all have a day filled with barbeques and booze!!

Even though I am not American I have always loved the idea of the 4th of July, I also think that an American/4th of July part would be absolutely amazing so why not share my ideas with anyone who is struggling with thinking up ideas for their celebrations. Even though this will be based on the 4th of July these ideas could be used for an American party or something like that! Without further ado lets get started.




Credits: Midlands Business News

When I think of America a lot of things come to mind but American diners has to be one of my favourites. Although it may be hard to create an American diner in your back garden there are ways it could work!




Making an American Diner themed menus would be super cute and I feel like they’d be extremely impressive. I went ahead and found a website that you could customize menus on, I made this menu on a website called . This website was super easy to use and there was a variety of templates you could use.¬† I really recommend this website to anyone looking to make menus for party’s or even for their business, you get the option to laminate your menus although that does make the price a little bit higher.




Decorations are a need in any themed party, My favourite saying is “go hard or go home”. For decorations I feel like you can never go wrong with coloured balloons ( Red, White and Blue in this case).



Bunting is a super easy but effective thing to do, whether its paper chains or flags both are equally effective and attractive. They are super easy and can be made at home, these are also a fairly cheap alternative to more pricey products. I also feel when you make homemade decorations no matter what they are it’s always such a good way to show originality.


American flags would also be effective but you don’t want to go over board with the flag colours as you may start to clash the colours (if you know what I mean). Flags could either be shop bought or homemade, for anyone who has children it may be fun to do homemade decorations as it keeps them amused and gives them traditions if they go on to have children.






Its not 4th of July until the fireworks are lit! Although I do recommend not using fireworks if you are under 21 and you have someone who really knows what they are doing with you. Please be careful and ensure all pets are inside away from the noise and danger, my dogs hate fireworks and thunderstorms. Anyway fireworks to bring a lovely touch to finish any party but its better if you have a qualified and responsible individual to assist the lighting and setting up of the fireworks.



Thank you all so much for taking time to read this I appreciate the love and support!


5th of July

Hey guys I am so sorry this post has gone up a day late. I accidently swapped round the days for my posts on my publish schedule and realised when it was too late, Enjoy anyway!


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things..

So over the past few months¬†I have been on a break but any chance¬†I had I would jot down any favourites or post ideas I could think of. This post is most likely going to be quite long so please sit down, get comfy and relax! So these are a few of my favourite things…..





Over the past few months I have completely fallen in love with the Garnier skin naturals micellar cleansing water!! This product caught my eye because it is a 1-step cleanser, my main struggle with skincare is that I often get in bed and get comfy before washing my face, this cleanser solved that problem. Originally I didn’t think this would work as well as it did, its almost as if it melts off your makeup. This has definitely made my skin much clearer and helped my acne, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new make up remover or simply just something to wash their face with.


Make up

make up.jpg


I recently decided to change the foundation I was using. Before buying this foundation I didn’t check any reviews or get any recommendations, I just liked the idea of a long lasting foundation. This foundation definitely has good coverage but sometimes can cling to bits of dry skin. The coverage for me is great because it covers any redness or acne scars I have! This foundation comes in a range of different colours but the shade that I am currently using is porcelain. Overall I would recommend this foundation to someone who has moisturised skin!

make up - lipstic


Over the past few months I have been loving a nude lip! I have recently tried the MDM Flow products and absolutely loved them all. I have found that these lipsticks always look slightly different on everyone, for me this lipstick is slightly darker than my natural skin tone which is what I like in a nude lipstick. I can find that some lipsticks and gloss’s can smell a little bit funny but no joke I love the smell of this lipstick. The lipstick itself is quite thick and I firstly expected it to dry out my lips but it didn’t, it’s also really long lasting and stays on through the day¬†even when your drinking and eating.¬†The shade I buy in this lipstick is called¬†Bossy¬†although there is many shades ¬†that aren’t nude that I have tried but the¬†Bossy shade is by far my favourite.¬†I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a long lasting lipstick or just a go to nude!


pretty little liars

Credits: ABC News

OMG!!!! I fell in love with the last couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars, they were filled with so much twists and turned and shocked would be an absolute understatement. After watching this show for the last seven years I knew it was going to be an emotional ending. Although many fans were disappointed with the ending I personally loved it, I do feel like there are some unanswered questions I feel like they are quite in unimportant and didn’t need to really be answered. The acting in this episode was absolutely amazing, I couldn’t have imagined a better ending. The ending was so different to whatever I could have imagined it to be. For anyone who hasn’t watched Pretty Little Liars drop whatever your doing go get Netflix and binge watch it all!!!





I am a massive Twilight fan and I have been ever since the first film came out. A family member recently gave me all the books of the series and I have been reading them, it has reminded me how much I love these books and films. I have absolutely adored these films and now I am adoring the books. I find that books are much more descriptive than the movies and I often prefer to read books before watching the movie but in this case I really don’t mind! I highly recommend these to anyone wanting a book to read while on their holiday or with a cup of tea!




Thank you so much for taking time in your day to read this, Have a good week!!




I Took A Break From Blogging?!

laptop and coffee.jpg

Credit: Dillon Klassen. Portland, Oregon.

Hi Everyone, long time no see! Two months ago I decided I needed a break from blogging, I was struggling with confidence which was making a lot of things hard to pursue. Although throughout those two months I have been eager to start up my blog again.

Over the two months I have set myself some targets that I will try my hardest to reach. One of those targets is to post at least once a day, if I have something that will make me unable to post that day I will try to notify you the day before. I would also like to gain some more followers and readers! I love it that people take time out of their day to read my posts and I’d be honoured to have some more people reading my work.

I have lots of exciting things coming up during the summer so I will most definitely be posting about these experiences and days out, I also have lots of ideas for posts and collabs and I think you all will love them.

Lastly I’d like to thank you all for being so patient with me, I couldn’t have asked for anything better!


Lush Favourites!

Lush favourites

Although it is “spring” the weather hasn’t exactly been sun bathing worthy, because of this I have had a cold for the last 2 weeks. When I have a cold I love to have a relaxing bath, over the past few months I have been loving a variety of the lush products. I really like lush because they don’t test on animals and they campaign against animal testing. So here are a few of the products I have been loving!


Bath Bombs

  1. twilight

Twilight is by far my favourite lush bath bomb! I like bath bombs that produce a lot of colour, so far this has definitely been my favourite colour wise. The fragrance in this bath bomb is designed to help you relax and sleep, the main smell in this fragrance is lavender. Although this bath bomb does leave your bath with some glitter in it, so make sure you clean the bath afterwards to avoid annoying a parent or sibling.

I would give this bath bomb a 5/5.

2.  Sakura

Sakura smells so good! After using this bath bomb it wouldn’t be my first choice of bath bomb to buy in the future, only because I found after it had done fizzing it was like I hadn’t even used a bath bomb. It didn’t leave much colour although the smell lasted for a while but started to fade towards the end of my bath.

I would give this bath bomb a 2/5.

3. So white

So white is one of lush’s Christmas collection. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!! This bath bomb smells like the freshest green apple you’ll have ever seen. Although on the outside the bath bomb is a “snow white” colour it leaves the bath a fresh green colour! This is my favourite Christmas smell.

I would rate this bath bomb a 4/5.

4. Star dust

I was given this bath bomb at Christmas (its part of the Christmas collection) but only got round to using it recently, I loved this bath bomb! It smelled so good and it left my bath baby blue colour. I really liked this bath bomb as it also made my skin feel really soft!

I rate this bath bomb a 4/5


Shower gel

  1. The comforter

I first got this while I was on holiday last year, I literally used it for the rest of the year! This shower gel not only leaves you smelling good it leaves your skin SO soft. The main smell in this shower gel is a calming blackcurrant smell. I found that a bottle of this lasts so long, I bought the 100g bottle and it lasted me 2+ months!

I rate this shower gel 5/5.


Bubble bar

  1. Creamy candy

I actually used this¬†bubble bar¬†earlier today. I love this bubble bar for so many reasons one of them being it smells of sweet candy floss! This bubble bar also left my skin feeling so soft, plus its pink and who doesn’t want a pink bath that smells like candyfloss?

I rate this bubble bar a 4/5.


I recommend all these products to anyone who loves a relaxing bath! If youuse any on these products or any other lush products id love to hear your thoughts on them! Thank you for taking your time to read this, Have a lovely day!

Its Easter!

Easter post

I’m so happy to finally say that school is done for Easter! I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to but I do have two weeks off of school so I have time to post more. In the next few weeks I will be busy as I’m going onto the senior phase of school, but I will find time to sit and do posts, although I cant guarantee a specific day or time for my future posts.

On that note Its finally spring and of course Easter is coming up. As a kid I used to love¬†Easter, we used to do a big egg hunt and we would do “egg rolling” which was my favourite game of the day! As I’ve gotten older we have stopped doing things like that which makes me a little bit sad because who doesn’t love Easter egg hunts?? If you are “Too old” for egg hunts here are a few fun things my family do!

Easter goodie bags

My family put together “Easter goodie bags” for each of us, we get more or less the same items to prevent us thinking someone else has more than the other person. Our goodie bags normally include:

  • An Easter egg (normally a dairy milk egg for me!)
  • A bag of our favourite sweets
  • Our favourite drink ( Shloer for me and my sister)
  • One of our favourite chocolate bars

You could change the tings in the bags but these are the things my family like to include in our ones, the bags aren’t supposed to be anything big they are supposed to be a little treat with some of our favourite things.

Egg rolling

My mum has always done this with us as she did it when she was younger, weeaster egg roling would hard boil eggs then decorate them.¬†Obviously as we’ve gotten¬†older our decorating skills have improved greatly. Once we’d decorated these eggs we would find a hill to roll/throw the eggs down, every time we do this everyone really enjoys it and joins in! Before we roll the eggs we try to see who’s decorating skills are the best which is always an interesting one. I feel like this is a game that is really fun for all ages although it is a very time and effort consuming activity!



These are just a few of the many things me of my family like to do at Easter, I hope this is some help if you were stuck for ideas. If you have any things your families like to do around this time of year I would love to hear them! Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.